Investment Bonds

In 2017 the Federal Government once again reduced the contribution caps in Superannuation.  From July 1 2017 the maximum amounts you can contribute to Super each year are now capped at $25,000 Concessional (before tax) and $100,000 Non-Concessional (after tax) per year, which will make it more challenging to generate long term wealth and minimise your tax inside Superannuation.  

Why borrow to invest?

For most investors, building a large, well-diversified portfolio can take a significant amount of time. Spotting an investment opportunity is one thing, but having access to enough cash at the right time can also be a challenge. One of the ways investors can potentially grow their portfolio faster is by borrowing to invest.

Coronavirus super concessional withdrawal

We are getting some enquiries from clients about strategies involving the release of money from your super fund to utilize in investing in shares etc in their own name. The strategy involved making a tax deductible contribution into the persons super account, claiming the deduction against their income and then applying to the super fund to have $10,000 released to “assist” them during these tough times.