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We are life insurance specialists and can assist with all aspects of providing for your love ones. We guide you through the range of policies on offer to find your ideal match.If you are unable

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Creating a Will and keeping it up to date is not the sole focus of your estate planning. It is an important part but you also need to consider what will happen if you become legally

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Are all your superannuation accounts in one single account? Having too many super funds can cost you thousands of dollars in extra fees paid over the life of your Super.

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Steve Jones

Steve Jones is an experienced Financial Planner whose purpose is to help self-employed people, small business owners and everyday Australians achieve their financial goals. He has spent the last decade educating and assisting individuals, families and business owners on strategies that create financial abundance over time and how they can minimise their risks along the way.

His passion for this industry is driven by his past experiences with families in financial hardship and also the work he has done with homeless and marginalised youth. He maintains that if you teach individuals sound foundational financial planning principles and provide them with solid support then financial freedom is available for everyone.

Steve has completed a Bachelor of Social Science and has ASIC’s Legislative requirements to provide advice on insurance broking, risk management, managed Investments, superannuation & retirement planning, including self – managed superannuation and Investment & taxation planning. He is further studying his Masters in financial planning at Griffith University.

Steve’s objective is to provide cost effective financial planning solutions that will ensure his clients have the financial freedom to comfortably retire in style.

Janet Jones

Janet Eklom-Jones has educated herself in the financial services industry to best support the previous roles she has been involved in Business/Client Support, Paraplanning and Financial Planning for small to large boutique financial services organisations.

In 2011, Janet took up the role of Client Manager with the main areas of responsibility being Business Management, Client Liaison, Investment/Strategy Research, and Compliance. Her qualifications include Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance, Diploma of Financial Services and Commissioner for Declarations.

Rocky Johnston

Rocky has a passion for economics and financial planning. He strives to help educate people learn how to grow and preserve their own finances. As an enthusiastic Financial Planner at Clear Financial Planning, he aims to enlighten as many people as he can to become financially independent and live a stress free life.

Rocky Johnston is also Clear Financial Planning’s chief Paraplanner and works with Janet in administration. Rocky is continuing his study in the Financial Planning field, as he completes his final subjects in a bachelor of Commerce: Financial Planning and Economics. Previously, he worked as a Financial Service Officer in a large organisation, as one of the key administrative staff members.


Brendan Jones

Senior Risk Advisor

Brendan started with ClearFP in February having previously worked in the industry for several years as a risk focused paraplanner. Brendan has vast experience working with medical professionals and their insurance needs.

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Steve Jones

Financial Advisor

Steve Jones is an experienced Financial Planner whose purpose is to help self-employed people, small business owners and everyday Australians achieve their financial goals.

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Rocky Johnston

Financial Advisor

Rocky has a strong passion for the world of economics and finance; in particular, he aspires to help educate people to learn how they can grow and preserve their own finances.

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“What our clients say about us”

Clear FP have been my financial planners since 2017. They have been very astute and thorough with their advice in terms of all things insurance. I feel particularly lucky to have had them in my corner when I sustained an injury to my dominant hand which lead to surgery and recovery. During this time, the staff at Clear FP have been empathetic to my needs and efficiently handled my insurance claims and made sure I was looked after. I cant thank them enough for their professional service and especially for my peace of mind.

Sandhya Iyer

‘I had to make a claim on my Income Protection policy recently. When I first took out my policy, the quality of advice and help I received from Brendan was excellent. Brendan took the time to explain each option and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of cover comprehensively. Brendan was able to answer all of my questions which gave me piece of mind. When it came time to needing to make a claim, I was very thankful that I had taken the Day 1 accident benefit on my policy, as I was able to be paid out from the date of claim. The process of making a claim was very smooth with the help of the Clear FP Team and Brendan, I could not be happier. Brendan was initially recommended to me by a friend and I would not hesitate recommending Brendan to my friends for advice on their income protection needs.’

Lauren Taljaard

I moved to Clear FP a few years back after chatting with them at a dental conference. I have since had to claim on my income protection insurance twice. Both times Clear FP  have been exceptional in their assistance. Their prompt responses and advice, coupled with their compassionate nature made the whole process so much easier for me to navigate. I would have no hesitation in recommending Clear FP  to anyone looking for excellent cover and professional service. Thanks so much,

Dr Amy Dempster

I used to think about income protect insurance with about as much excitement as going to the dentist.  I would whinge about the cost of the premiums and felt sceptical and anxious about whether they would even pay out if I needed to claim.  It’s an expense that I used to look at every year and wish I didn’t have to pay it!

I was first introduced to ClearFP at a conference in 2015, and we discussed insurance.  They offered to have a look at my existing policies with no obligation to ensure my cover was appropriate.  Being the sceptical person I am, I felt like this was just a way to get me and then sell me something, however after looking over my existing policies, I was impressed by ClearFP’s honest advice, which was that the policies I had in place were exactly what I needed and that they wouldn’t change anything.  They didn’t even try to convince me to let them manage the policies! It was as they said, an obligation free review of my existing policies.  I was impressed by ClearFP to this point, and as I hadn’t heard from my existing advisor for some time, I decided to change my policies over to his management.  And might I say I’m glad I did!

Unfortunately, within a few months of changing over to ClearFP, I was involved in an accident overseas which ultimately required surgery upon my return home.  I got in contact with ClearFP shortly after the accident and they reassured me that everything was fine until I got home, and to try to just enjoy the rest of the trip.  When I got home a few weeks later, we had a chat on the phone about the details of what had happened, and then sent me through some forms.  Everything was already filled out and all I needed to do was sign it.  I could not believe how simple ClearFP had made the process for me.  As the policies in place were comprehensive, there were no issues at all with the claim, and everything was so smooth.  There ended up being some complications with the surgery and I was on claim for roughly 6 months, but in only dealing with ClearFP and not the insurance company directly, I never felt like I was being pushed off claim or anything like that.

About 2 years later, further complications with the same shoulder, to go along with a broken ankle meant that I needed further surgeries and needed to be on claim again.  The insurance company pushed back on a couple of points, but again, with ClearFP dealing with the insurance company, it wasn’t anything I had to deal with, and they quickly got it sorted out.

Having to deal with the medical issues that I’ve had over the last few years has been very difficult, but not having to worry financially about being off work during that time made a stressful time, considerably less stressful.  ClearFP used to have on their email signature the phrase “The difference between a good insurance policy and a bad one is the quality of Advice you receive!”  I don’t disagree with the statement, but I don’t think it’s comprehensive enough.  Getting the right advice is obviously important, but there’s so much more that ClearFP does that sets themselves apart.

My attitude towards income protect insurance has changed so much.  I’ve been so grateful that I had it, and that I had ClearFP to help me.  I will never be without it!  ClearFP really knows what they are doing, and they do it very very well.  I could not have asked for any more than what I received from them initial advice through to his assistance with the claims.  I have already recommended ClearFP to several friends, and I would not hesitate to recommend ClearFP’s services to anyone!

Dr Jonathon Munro

Since working with ClearFP, I have been highly impressed with their integrity and professionalism. ClearFP distils the complexity of insurance and explains policy definitions so it is easy to understand. ClearFP has always recommended policies based on their merit and has recommended keeping pre-existing policies if they were best suited to us at that time. I look forward to working with Clear FP for many years to come.

Dr Raymond Chan

ClearFP has been excellent with advice to myself, friends and employees with all types of personal insurance relating to income protection, business expenses and partnership insurance. ClearFP has been extremely ethical and honest. They are there to help you meet your goals for insurance with up to date and relevant information. They have a special niche in helping dental and medical professionals and their knowledge in this area is second to none. I highly recommend contacting Clear FP for all your insurance needs.

Dr Nauv Kashyap

ClearFP has been managing my income protection for over eight years. ClearFP recommends policies based on their definitions and their implications to my profession. ClearFP monitors these changes in policy definitions vigilantly and recommends changing only when necessary. They are very approachable and I always enjoy catching up to discuss lighter topics. Would highly recommend Clear FP.

Dr Ramnish Verma

I have been using ClearFP services for my insurances for about 3 years now. ClearFP is always professional, punctual and acts in their client’s best interests. So much so that when initially changing over from a previous broker, they suggested that I keep some of my then current policies as they were better suited at the time. I can’t recommend Clear FP enough, They looks after not only myself, but many of my colleagues to an exceptionally high standard.

Dr Elwynn Heah